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When I was about seven or eight years old, I had an amazing idea. Having spent a balmy summer’s evening on the fairground rides at Barry Island Pleasure Park, we were now heading home to our clean pyjamas and some tea and toast. It was as we were travelling back over the causeway, looking out over the lazy hazy Old Harbour, and with the cool evening wind blowing through my scruffy hair, that I had my idea. self-publishing

I was going to build a roller coaster in my back garden.

Early the next morning, I was out in the back garden, building myself my first section of track. It consisted of two planks of wood, vertical (hammered into the ground) and another placed on top horizontally. By lunchtime, I had shorn a blackboard easel of all its bits and bobs to make a frame for my roller coaster car.

By tea time, I was sat on the lawn looking around the garden for inspiration. That was as far as my dream got.

Now I’m not suggesting for one minute that had I planned better, that as an eight year old, that I would have been able to build a working roller coaster in my back garden.

But let’s suppose that you, as an adult, were wanting to build yourself a house. You’re not going to start building walls without thinking things through and having a plan are you? It’s the same with writing a book.

So here’s the plan if you want to sell your books:

1. Create a website/blog for yourself (don’t make excuses about not knowing how – I’ll show you).

2. Set up a Facebook and Twitter account for yourself as a writer.

3. Post short extracts on your website to show your fans your writing style.

4. Direct people to your site.

5. Write the best book you can.

6. Let all your fans know about it

7. Spread the word and promote it like hell.

You’ll see that writing your book is only just a part of the plan. With today’s technology, it’s possible to get the word out without spending a penny.

If you’re ready to begin your journey, click here to see how you can set up your own website

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