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Do Not Go Gently

Mum’s parents lived in a house up the hill opposite our house. We could see their house from ours. Mum would often ask me to look out the window to see if they were in. This particular Christmas Eve, they’d just dropped us home after Midnight Mass and Mum wanted me to make sure that they got home ok. I stood in our front room and I watched the tail lights of their Triumph Toledo as it disappeared up around the back of the hill in the dark.

At the back of our house, my parents and a few aunties and uncles were gathering around a late-night bottle of sherry. I could hear the glug-glug-glugging of the sherry being poured and the clinking of the glasses as they toasted another Christmas together. But the front room was peaceful. The coloured lights on the tree were as silent as stars. I leant down to the stereo player that was on the bottom shelf and pressed ‘Play’ on the tape deck. I think it was the Coventry Carol that came on. I moved over to the bay window and looked out. It was a cold hard night. The concrete lampposts stood guarding the steel streets but across the way came the warm glow of light from my grandparents’ living room window. I could see them, taking off their coats, and then embracing and exchanging a kiss under the mistletoe that was hanging from the light fixture. Even from the distance that I was away from them, and despite the silence of the night outside the window, I could sense their love for each other. And it was at that moment, while I felt like the town was settling down for the night, that I felt that for once, all was well with the world.


Readers’ Comments

Beautiful blog. [His] observations as a family member are so insightful that I almost feel part of it. L Hugglestone

…a beautiful writer.” A Morgan

It exudes love and warmth. M Unwin

So well written…it shows family relationships in all their beauty. S Bradley

I’m hooked! …..a fantastic writer. I’m in awe and I can’t wait to get five minutes to myself to catch up tomorrow. C Thomas

Inspiring and beautiful. L Oatway

Touching and brave. Boyd Clack (actor and comedian)

A beautiful, moving and personal account.” Dr D Dummett

Amazing. I know exactly what you are going through.” Ruth Wignall (TV presenter)

I’ve been sitting here reading your blog in tears, but it’s a wonderful piece of work.” C Jones

Fantastic. Z Shirley-Smith

I read your blog tonight from start to finish in tears and in laughter. I couldn’t stop once I’d started. Such an emotive and passionate account and so beautifully written. A Taylor

Fantastic. L Rae

A gifted writer. S Cross

[A] touching blog on a family’s dealings with cancer. Moving and gripping, urging the reader not just to read more but to wish the family well as they’re welcomed into personal, humorous and character rich details of the writer’s life.” Judges at the 2012 Wales Blog Awards

Beautiful and descriptive and such a difficult subject. K Allen

Incredibly moving…you MUST read his wonderfully written blog! Ruthie Davies (Winner of ‘Best blog in Wales’ and ‘Best writing in a blog’, 2010)

More than a worthy winner of ‘Best Writing on a Blog‘” A Williams


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Do Not Go Gently


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