Fifteen Grades Of Hay: The Complete Trilogy

Fifteen Grades Of Hay: The Complete Trilogy
Publisher: Honey Farm Books
Publication Year: 2014
"If you LOVE British humour, you'll LOVE this. You won't have read anything like this before, I can guarantee you that!"
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About the Book

Fifteen Grades of Hay is the best-selling erotic sheep-based trilogy ever published. Following the wild antics of a group of world-famous sheep on a Welsh farm, the books have received 5-star ratings on Amazon. Brought together for the first time ever in one smut-filled book right here.

Fifteen Grades of Hay: When Dolly the sheep (not the one that was cloned) falls for the talented Derek the Weathersheep on her farm, she thinks her world is complete. That’s until the arrival of a handsome Spanish lad, Juan the Lovesheep. Dolly falls helplessly for the continental arrival and has to battle her conscience. Can she balance having two men in her life at the same time? Who’s going to get hurt?

The second in the Fifteen Grades Trilogy, Fifteen Grades More: The Sex Tape is another novelette about love, lust and sheep. World-famous weather-predicting sheep Derek the Weathersheep, and his girl Dolly, are in a rut. That’s until the arrival of a handsome English cad, Tarquin. He inspires Dolly to spice up her sex life by making a ‘bluey’ with Derek and their friend Brenda. But when Tarquin steals Derek and Dolly’s sex tape and threatens to upload it to EweTube unless they meet his demands, the famous Welsh celebrity couple are in big trouble. Can Dolly save Derek’s as-yet unblemished reputation as the world’s leading and wooliest weather forecaster?

Fifteen Grades of Hay: Grand Slam: It’s 2012 and the Welsh rugby team are about to embark on a five game demolition of their Six Nations rivals. Down on the farm, Dolly offers her fella a once-in-a-lifetime accumulator bet that he can’t refuse. Will Dolly follow through on her promise of her own Grand Slam? The third and final installment in the infamous Fifteen Grades Trilogy from the leading author of erotic sheep-based fiction in Wales.

About the Author

Derek The Weathersheep lives on a Rex Honey’s Farm high in the Brecon Beacons, South Wales.

From his high vantage point, Derek can cast his sheep’s eye across the whole of South Wales, and forecast the South Walian population about forth-coming weather events.

He first caught the meteorological bug when he was just a lamb. He was the first sheep to correctly forecast the great snows of 2006, when he ran to Farmer Honey’s house, woke him from his slumber, bleated for a bit, and then led Farmer Honey to the rest of the sheep who were about to be cut off from the farm by the drifts. 48 sheep were rescued that night. Farmer Honey rewarded him by presenting him with the Freedom of Honey Farm.

Derek’s girlfriend, Dolly (not to be confused with the famous cloned one- they just look alike) is the best looking ewe on the field, and constantly draws attention from male sheep and sometimes even other female sheep. Juan the LoveSheep, a Spanish import, brought by Farmer Honey, to increase virility in the flock, constantly tries to woo Dolly, much to Derek’s dismay and amusement.

Amazon Reviews
“I never laughed so much in all my life.” 5/5
“This is an extremely funny and original book.” 5/5
“It makes 50 Shades of Grey seem rather tame.” 5/5
“Absolutely “laugh out loud” from page one.” 5/5
“Genius, so funny. I read this and laughed so much my husband thought I was going to keel over. Hubby read the book after me and laughed equally as much as I did.” 5/5
“Top quality stuff- and very very funny!” 5/5
“What a laugh, my ribs hurt! I had to see what the hype was about before I gave it as a present. Well worth a read.” 5/5

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