Do Not Go Gently

Do Not Go Gently
Publisher: Honey Farm Books
Publication Year: 2013
“Dad and I came here when we were courting back in the late sixties. We were sat on that headland over there. We cwtched for hours and with my head on his chest, I could hear his heart beating. I remember thinking even then, what would I do if it stopped beating?” When a family is faced with losing a loved one to cancer, there is no choice but to fight. Winner of ‘Best Writing in a Blog’ at the 2012 Wales Blog Awards, Do Not Go Gently charts the remarkable and inspirational story of one family’s fight for survival.
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About the Book

“Beautiful blog. [His] observations as a family member are so insightful that I almost feel part of it.” L Hugglestone

“…a beautiful writer.” A Morgan

“It exudes love and warmth.” M Unwin

“So well written…it shows family relationships in all their beauty.” S Bradley

“I’m hooked! …..a fantastic writer. I’m in awe and I can’t wait to get five minutes to myself to catch up tomorrow.” C Thomas

“Inspiring and beautiful.“ L Oatway

“Touching and brave.“ Boyd Clack (actor and comedian)

“A beautiful, moving and personal account.” Dr D Dummett

“Amazing. I know exactly what you are going through.” Ruth Wignall (TV presenter)

“I’ve been sitting here reading your blog in tears, but it’s a wonderful piece of work.” C Jones

“Fantastic.“ Z Shirley-Smith

“I read your blog tonight from start to finish in tears and in laughter. I couldn’t stop once I’d started. Such an emotive and passionate account and so beautifully written.” A Taylor

“Fantastic.“ L Rae

“A gifted writer.“ S Cross

“[A] touching blog on a family’s dealings with cancer. Moving and gripping, urging the reader not just to read more but to wish the family well as they’re welcomed into personal, humorous and character rich details of the writer’s life.” Judges at the 2012 Wales Blog Awards

“Beautiful and descriptive and such a difficult subject.“ K Allen

“Incredibly moving…you MUST read his wonderfully written blog!“ Ruthie Davies (Winner of ‘Best blog in Wales’ and ‘Best writing in a blog’, 2010)

“More than a worthy winner of ‘Best Writing on a Blog‘” A Williams

Patric Morgan

Patric Morgan

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