About Me

Thanks for popping over.

I don’t enjoy talking about myself so here are the basics:

I’m a Welsh writer and publisher, currently living in Cardiff.

I’ve all kinds of crappy jobs over the years but the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do was write. In 2007, along with a business partner and friend of mine, I set up Living Magazines Cardiff, which have gone on to win numerous awards and is my main day job.

In my spare time (what spare time?), I also publish several popular websites that have gone on to bring me more awards and fame. Some of my notable achievements are:

My websites have brought in millions of visits. WalesOnCraic currently has over 45,000 Facebook likes, one of my Grumpy Fucker posts has been shared over 3 million times, and Living Magazines Cardiff have a social media following of over 35,000 people.

I’ve also self-published several best-selling books, both in fiction and non-fiction.

I’m completely self-taught and I’m here to pass on what I’ve learnt along the way to you.


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